Duff McKagan Calls Axl Rose’s Performance With AC/DC “Magical”

by Alisha Jackson

When Slash and Duff McKagan showed up to Axl Rose‘s gig with AC/DC at the Olympic Stadium in London, it melted our hearts. Learning that their attendance was a surprise for their bandmate adds even more feels to this feel-good story.

Duff recently sat down with Jonesey Jukebox where he talked about the show. “Me and Slash and our ladies went over to London just to surprise Axl and to see the AC/DC thing at the new Olympic stadium. And it was amazing,” he said.

“We went for a Saturday, basically. We had to get back… There was a graduation and there were things going on, so I had to take the 9:00 a.m. flight out Sunday morning. But we got to see him do that thing with AC/DC, and it was magical.” Duff went into detail about the show, mentioning how Axl got up out of his chair during the show. “He was out of his chair; he was up and cruising around,” he said. “He was kicking the boot; he was doing the kicks. And it was really great to see… I’d never seen him, I guess, play… see him sing. And I think it energized the band — they were pretty energized — and the crowd was into it. It was cool. I’m super stoked for him.”

According to Duff, Axl’s injury may be to blame for all the mushiness surrounding Guns N’ Roses as of late. “It was just strange, the whole thing,” Duff recalled about the night Axl broke his foot. “[It was] our first show. [It happened during] the second song. He didn’t complain once. That’s the thing. We finished the show. He said, ‘I think I broke my foot.’ And sure enough, six pins later… And he didn’t complain one time through that whole chair thing. So… I think everything happens for a reason. I think it drew us around… kind of drew us in tighter. And singing those kind of songs sitting down is a tough, tough deal. So, I think, yeah, he persevered.”

To watch part of Duff’s interview, see below. To listen to the full interview, click here.


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