SixX Strings: Is Scott Stapp Finally Finding Salvation Through Music?

“It wasn’t God that turned his back on me…God was always there.  I just needed to turn around.”   – Scott Stapp

Some people have called him mentally ill.  Some have called him an out of control addict.  Some have called him a bible pounding zealot.  Some have even called him a washed up singer of sub-par rock music.  One thing is for sure, many have made him the subject of a vicious jab or two.  Well I am going to go against the grain and say that he is resilient, humble, open, and far from what I expected!

Scott Stapp has been the subject of many scathing reports over the last few years.  Whether it being a video-taped breakdown associated with addiction, the collapse of his once mega selling band CREED, to the recent slip of the tongue misunderstanding about him being the new singer of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS.  People have not been kind to him to say the least.  Sadly, many adults are acting like grade-schoolers towards a fellow human being that is clearly struggling.  It’s more than ironic that the commercial hit of Stapp’s “With Arms Wide Open”, seems to be exactly what society is not willing to extend out to him.

Why is it that in the current state of stardom, it is perfectly acceptable to self-expose one’s weaknesses and shortcomings, only to end up profiting and achieve higher commercial success?  For the once chart topping Stapp, it has only led to ridicule and a staggering level of outcast.  I for one, am perplexed at this level of musical stoning.  When did society, who has many closeted episodes of depravity far greater than Stapp, become judge, jury and executioner?  Does Stapp have to write a book about his fall from grace, start a band to soundtrack it, and date many a partner half his age to remain in the public’s forgiving eye?  If so, then maybe the musical world should be the one dodging the satirical Bullets”.

I recently had the chance to speak with Scott Stapp about addiction, religion, ART OF ANARCHY, and his ever determined musical path.  Take a listen to the interview, reflect, and remember, to err is human.

Check it,


For more information on Stapp’s tour and his new journey with ART OF ANARCHY check and


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