Ritchie Blackmore Is Looking “Pudgy” and Playing “a Little Flat” These Days, Says Tom Hamilton

by Alisha Jackson

Joey Kramer introduced his partner in crime, bassist Tom Hamilton to the WZLX airwaves this morning, after playing Aerosmith‘s “Voodoo Medicine Man” — a record which contains what Kramer declares Hamilton’s best work.

Steven [Tyler] and Joe [Perry] are partners in crime when they’re on stage, but what a lot of people don’t realize, is that the real partners in crime on stage are the ones that are really making it happen, which is you and I,” Joey said to Tom.

“Yes, we’re the ones that are nailed to the ground, so it can happen,” Tom agreed. “After forty four years of playing together as a rhythm section, we’re so tight that we make mistakes together,” Joey added. “Our minds think so alike that when I go to make a mistake, you make it right along with me, so then it’s not a mistake anymore,” he continued. “It’s a rewrite,” Tom chimed in.

Tom Hamilton just came back from playing a handful of reunion shows with Thin Lizzy, an experience which he expected to be easier. “It was really amazing,” he said about playing the shows. “It was a lot of work. We rehearsed for five days and then did two shows.” “It’s the first thing I’ve ever done outside of Aerosmith, and learning all those songs – there were fifteen songs that I had to learn – and getting them so that they were in my DNA was a lot harder than I thought it would be,” he continued.

Thin Lizzy opened up for Ritchie Blackmore‘s Rainbow, and before going on stage, the band did something that Tom had never witnessed before. “Right before they went on, they booted everyone off the stage. They had to watch from the side. And then they put up this tape across the walkway, like ‘do not cross’ red-and-white striped tape,” Tom recalled in disbelief. “Everybody’s just kind of standing there staring at them, like ‘oh my God, who’s ever seen a band do that?’, but he really did not want anybody on the stage while he was playing.” Although Tom thinks that Rainbow sounded good, he says that Ritchie didn’t seem too passionate about playing. “He was playing lead sort of just like right off the record and not in a real passionate way. A little flat,” Tom noticed. When asked by Ernie Boch Jr. what Ritchie looks like these days, Tom mentioned that he was “pudgy.”

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Unfortunately, Tom didn’t comment on Aerosmith’s world tour plans, but he did say that it’s “humbling and gratifying that people are still waiting to see us come and play.” “People think of us as a live band and it’s major that they love coming out and hearing us. It’s just fantastic after all these years, it’s still there.” “Yup, it sure is man,” Joey replied.

“After this many years of playing you actually get better,” Tom reflected. “All of those shows and suddenly you’re playing songs that you recorded forty years ago, and you’re playing them better than you can play them on your recording.”


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