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The mission of Boston Emissions – and the Rock & Roll Rumble – is to discover, establish, grow, and support active bands. With that, there are expectations on bands to do some work, to promote themselves (hence the “active” part) and keep in touch with the show. Here is a new band featured in this month’s The Watch List. If you are an active band from New England, first step is to send music for consideration.


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Meet Catching Moons.

Camille McClellan | guitar, backing vocals
Kim Barbosa | lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Krysse Barbosa | bass
Joanne Almeida | drums

Catching Moons marry a handful of styles. Each member brings a different stylistic approach to songwriting, allowing more diversity to their songs. Rock & Roll is the goal and groundwork for Catching Moons unique sound. Formed in March of 2013 during Camille McClellan’s and Kim Barbosa’s first year at Berklee College of Music, the two met at a Women In Rock ensemble at school and it became clear to them that they had to make music together. Once this was decided, Kim introduced her bass playing sister Krysse to the mix. The three quickly gelled and set out to find the right drummer to round out the sound they were looking for. That search was long and sometimes difficult, and by October of that year, they enlisted the help of a one-time band mate of the Barbosa sisters. With the addition of drummer Joanne Almeida, Catching Moons were born. Catching Moons released their debut three song EP, Desensitized, in 2015. Their follow-up – a seven song EP called Lunatic – was released on June 30.  On the new music, the band says it is a big step forward from their first EP; it shows how each member, as well as the band, have advanced as players and writers. The new songs really showcases their love of hard rock, blues, and funk.

The band are ready to change the course of rock music. 

Brand New Music | “Craving” by Catching Moons


Catching Moons at CollegeFest.

catchingmoons2 The Watch List | Catching Moons

What I Say.

Boston Rock’s breath of fresh air, a trifecta of greatness: great songs, great sounds, great riffs. A band whose sound captures some 70’s sway, 80’s swagger, 90’s rock,  and 2000’s pop.

Who They Like.

We are huge fans and good friends of Grey Season and their sister band Honeysuckle. We love Dent as well as the punk Ricecrackers.

When You Can See Them.

Release show is Thursday, June 30 at Club Bohemia in Cambridge.
East coast tour follows. Dates appear below.



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