Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Joey Kramer Exchange “I Love Yous” While Talking Aerosmith

by Alisha Jackson

There’s nothing like hearing three grown rock n’ roll icons exchange “I love yous” with each other.

It was an Aerosmith lovefest in the WZLX studio this morning. On day two of his morning show takeover, Joey Kramer‘s bandmates Joe Perry and Steven Tyler called in to talk about their side projects, which ultimately led to hearing everyone get psyched about hitting the road with Aerosmith again.

Earlier in the morning, Kramer talked to Perry about the band’s various side projects, and how he thinks that straying from the band helps the guys appreciate each other more. “I think once everybody gets away with doing all the projects we’re doing now – whether I’m doing my coffee or you’re doing another band and Brad and Tom and Steven – I think it’s a really great thing, because once we get back together, I think we’re going to appreciate more what is it that we have together,” Kramer told Perry. “That’s the thing,” Perry agreed. “Everybody goes off and does something else and you always come back with something new. Whatever you’re doing, it brings a new energy to the band.”

Perry said his side band is exciting, but that nothing compares to playing beside Steven, Joey, Tom, and Brad. “I’ll tell ya, there’s nothing like playing with Aerosmith,” he says. “This band [Hollywood Vampires] is really exciting and it’s new, and even though we’re playing mostly covers it’s still a riot, but man, there is no band like Aerosmith.” “We came up in a time when we had to rely on an energy and the best songs we could write, and you know what, that paid off. And after 45 years it shows. You can’t top that.”

Steven Tyler sounded like he was on the same page as Kramer and Perry when he called in to the show.

Tyler has so much going on that he had to ask Kramer what their upcoming tour schedule was like. “We go out [in] the middle of September to the end of October in South America and we then have a few months off,” Kramer said before alluding to the band’s 2017 world tour plans. “And then we’re gonna go back out again,” he continued, to which Tyler rpelied “Oh, great. So looking forward to it!”

Then came the side project talk. Before saying “I love you”, again, Tyler reminded Kramer, “Remember everything I do here only brings it back to when Aerosmith [hits the stage].” “That’s right man,” Kramer agreed. “We’ll all appreciate what we got together a whole lot more.” “Oh yeah,” Steven chimed in.


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