Watch This Nerd Recreate Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” With Old Computer Parts

by Alisha Jackson

It probably smells like old, overheated computer parts in Pawel Zarozniak’s home studio, but after watching “The Floppotron” perform Nirvana‘s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” investing in some Febreze seems worth it.

According to Pawel’s website, he used 64 floppy drives, 8 hard disks, and 2 scanners to build his “hardware orchestra”, which in addition to performing what the mastermind maestro calls “Smells Like Nerd Spirit,” has also pulled off the theme song to Hawaii Five-O , and the “Imperial March” from Star Wars.

Watch the computer hardware orchestra perform “Smells Like Teen Spirit” below!

If you’re wondering how the Floppotron works, “the principle is simple”, according to Pawel. He writes, “Every device with an electric motor is able to generate a sound. Scanners and floppy drives use stepper motors to move the head with sensors which scans the image or performs read/write operations on a magnetic disk. The sound generated by a motor depends on driving speed. The higher the frequency, the greater the pitch. Hard disks use a magnet and a coil to tilt the head. When voltage is supplied for long enough, the head speeds up and hits the bound making the “drum hit” sound. The disk head coil can also be used as a speaker to play tones or even music, but… that would be too easy and too obvious.”

Piece of cake…


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