SixX Strings: JACKYL-Celebrating the Fundamentals of Rock-n-Roll Every Single Night!

What is real rock-n-roll?  Is there a formula, a pattern, a distinct sound, or is it simply a mindset?  If you look at the start of rock-n-roll, it was based off a feeling, a union of real people going through the same things in life, the same struggles.  It flourished in the ears of the working class, and it had a blue collar connection and spirit about it.  Hard working people was its aim.  Well throughout the last 25 years, a band focused on just that.  They worked hard at more than just bringing another rock song to the masses.  They brought a catalog of real music based off the everyday man, steeped in the fundamentals of real rock-n-roll.


The band JACKYL has worked hard.  Yes, they have done their fair share of manual labor jobs and time in the more rural upbringings of America; but they have flippantly resisted the trends and pitfalls of an industry that turned and burned many a band that has followed them.  Is there a reason for their almost 3 decade long career, 8 studio albums and numerous other releases?   According to them, they have stayed honest about who they are, plain and simple!  They know they aren’t always going to be in fashion or even get along as a band; but if they work hard, remember who they are, and take their values to the stage, they will then make something that will resonate with the people.  It’s almost that when you hear a Jackyl song, you feel a primal response.  Something that you know deep down is what rock-n-roll needs.


“It don’t matter how great or technically great anybody in the band is, the unit as a whole becomes a force…”  Jesse James Dupree


Now right from the start and the smell of 2-stroke oil, these self-sung rednecks have produced a selection of music that contains a southern flavored groove that is hard to shake.  The fact that they put on a full throttle, no holds barred performance that most young bands couldn’t even attempt, is enough to draw most fans in.  If given a chance to be heard, these working class rockers have had a hell of a lot to say over the years, all the while disguised in an unabashed party attitude.  Their recently released album ROWYCO is no less as infectious.  Easily falling into place, these veteran rockers have taken all their influences of Metal, Hard Rock, and Southern Rock-n-Roll, and created a truly personal and Jackyl toned offering.  If you don’t get snatched up by a killer hook or a gritty lyric from this collection of songs, then you might want to take your upturned nose and khakis and go on back to the country club.  I can say with all honesty, ROWYCO is going to leave you feeling full after feasting on this big slice of Rock!


I recently had the chance to talk with Jackyl front-man extraordinaire Jesse James Dupree.  Ironically enough, I even caught him flustered from dealing with another fire.  Thank god this time it was only in the South Dakota plains adjacent to the infamous FULL THROTTLE SALOON, and not in it.   Take a listen to our conversation about ROWYCO, what happened to America, surviving as a rock band, bourbon and my boss still owing him $5.

Check it,



For more information about Jackyl’s new album ROWYCO, the Full Throttle Saloon, and tour dates:


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