Extreme Guitarist Nuno Bettencourt Deletes Facebook Account After Hacker Leaks Nude Photos

A hacker made sure Extreme guitarist, Nuno Bettencourt, had the unhappiest of birthdays yesterday, when he or she leaked twelve personal photos of the musician to all three of his social media accounts.

While Bettencourt has never posted photos of his daughter or son before, he has been known to post photo bursts of his dog Koa.

So when Nuno posted a photo with his son labeled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE FATHER”, followed by a photo of just his daughter, and then another of just his son, it didn’t seem too out of character. Especially since he was celebrating a milestone birthday.

However, when the guitarist started posting photos of himself labeled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE COOL,” “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LIPS,” and “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE SMILE,” it was apparent that he had been hacked. Then came the nude photo of Nuno captioned “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS 50 YEAR OLD BODY”, followed by a string of caption-less ones.

The photos were originally leaked on the guitarist’s Instagram and linked to his Facebook and Twitter accounts. As soon as he learned that his accounts had been compromised (hours later), Nuno deleted the photos from Instagram and Facebook, but has yet to unlink his Twitter-to-Facebook tweets. Four hours after the photos leaked, Nuno took to Instagram to apologize, where he expressed that he was most disappointed in the photos of his kids being posted.

“I got woken up from a dead sleep with my door being banged on in my hotel room.
I knew it could only be bad news, but once I was told what was happening I couldn’t comprehend it.
basically, my accounts were compromised.
But what’s worse were the photos.
I want to apologize to all of you, my friends, my family, but especially my kids.
I am sorry to those offended by the photos, but I’m more disappointed in the photos of my children being posted.
From day one I’ve kept my kids lives private. And I’m sad that that was violated.
Thank you everyone who reached out and tried to help.

As of this morning, Bettencourt’s official Facebook page has been deactivated.


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