Cruise Recap: Porn Term or Nautical Term?Pete threw out plenty of terms for everyone to guess including “Spinner”, “Kellick”, “Nipper” and lots more.
Where in Sam Hill Did Pete McKenzie’s Daughter Go?Pete was enjoying the nice weekend with the family on their boat and his daughter was following him to the boat. One problem though. His daughter wasn’t following them.
Kevin's On a Boat!Kevin's on a Boat!
Brutal Boating Accident on Lake Missouri [VIDEO]It looks like this guy was intentionally trying to get some air with his speed boat! This camera view from inside the boat is ridiculous!
Petey The Sailor Man Goes FishingOur host, Pete McKenzie, is far from a natural when it comes to his sailing adventures.
Pete Got His Boat Motor Prop Fixed By A Listener
Pete McKenzie: Will He Pull His Boat Out Of The Water?
Should Pete Pull His Boat Out Of The Lake?
Pete's On A Boat With No Name
Pete McKenzie Bought a Boat...Help Us Name It!

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