What’s The First You’d Eat After Being Sprung Free From Jail?Fred Clay was set free yesterday after spending years in prison and the first thing handed to him leaving the courthouse was a steak and cheese sandwich. This had us ask if you spent almost 40 years in jail, what would be the first thing you’d eat?
Grab Yourself A Slice For #NationalCheesePizzaDayToday we celebrate “National Cheese Pizza Day” because who doesn’t love a good cheese pizza?
Beer Infused Potato Chips Show Up On I-95A clean-up crew in Florida had both their hands and mouths full with this clean up after a truck full of beer nailed a truck full of potato chips sending snacks and beers flying all over I-95 in Florida.
Food Trucks, Beer and Summer Fun, What More Do You Want?Who doesn’t love a good Food Truck Festival? Well this year the Boston-based Food Truck Festivals of America is rolling out a larger schedule with a deeper array of food and drinks.
Kevin Found a New Porn Genre Involving FoodSo Kevin was what we will call snooping for now around the internet and came across a new fetish involving a sweet bakery treat.
Why Does Your Office Go Crazy For Free Food? Because Science.Psychologists have figured out why we go crazy for free food. See the 3 reasons here!
Want Some Pizza With Fried Chicken for Crust? Meet the "Chizza"In case fried chicken-topped pizza wasn't enough of a Franken-food to make you lose your lunch, KFC is now introducing a new product that is just a regular pizza...with fried chicken for the CRUST.
Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Champ Matt Stonie!Matt Stonie, who just dethroned Joey Chestnut in the annual Hot Dog Eating Contest, chatted with K&M for a few minutes this morning about topics ranging from his training to his future plans. Take a listen.
5 Burgers and 5 Hot Dogs You Need To Grill This SummerTake your cookout to another level with these unusual but delicious burgers and hot dogs.
This "Gummy Pizza" Looks Frighteningly Realistic [VIDEO]Fat guys would try gummy anything. So if you like gummy bears, you'll definitely enjoy a gummy pizza. Check out this outrageous (and REAL) new candy.
You Can Deep-Fry Coffee?!?A booth at the San Diego County Fair has introduced our new favorite snack: deep-fried Starbucks coffee.
The "Dausage" Combines a Sausage and a Donut...Sort OfThe latest weird mesh of foods is a jelly-filled sausage. Would you try it?

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