Boston Emissions 8/20/17: Carissa Johnson, Township, The Fatal Flaw, Lonely Leesa and the Lost Cowboys, Local Songs of the WeekHear the Rock of Boston. Sunday nights at 10. Hosted by Anngelle Wood. 100.7 WZLX
Boston Emissions 1/8/2017: Mission of Burma, O Positive, Human Sexual Response, The Neighborhoods, Newfane, You People, Abbie Barrett, #RUMBLE2017The Rock of Boston and New England. Sundays at 10pm on 100.7 WZLX. Hosted by Anngelle Wood.
Boston Emissions Playlist 5.8.16: Magic Circle, Weakened Friends, Ruby Rose Fox, Nate Leavitt & the Elevation, Surf Vietnam, The Knock Ups, Loveless, Lyres, Human Sexual Response, Township, Analog Heart + New Song PollThe Rock of Boston and New England. Sundays at 10pm. Live from Boston. Hosted by Anngelle Wood. Home of the Rock & Roll Rumble.

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