What’s The First You’d Eat After Being Sprung Free From Jail?Fred Clay was set free yesterday after spending years in prison and the first thing handed to him leaving the courthouse was a steak and cheese sandwich. This had us ask if you spent almost 40 years in jail, what would be the first thing you’d eat?
Aaron Hernandez's Fat Guy Moment Aaron Hernandez had a fat guy moment! It was in prison where decided that he needed more food!
Would You Pay Extra To Stay In A Nicer Prison?The city of Fremont, California is offering its inmates the chance to stay in a smaller, quieter facility for the one-time fee of $45 plus $155 a night...is it worth it?
Steve-O: Backyard Stunts, Slay List, And Being A Professional Idiot
Magilla The Intern Gets Arrested
Grandma's In The Slammer

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