Pete Officiated a Wedding And Didn’t Screw It Up!Take a listen and ask yourself, should this be a new business for Pete and would you want him to do your wedding?
Who is Crazy Enough To Let Pete McKenzie Be Their Child’s Godfather?It’s a spiritual couple weeks for radio’s own Pete McKenzie. This past weekend he became a godfather and next weekend he will be officiating a wedding.
Was Pete Disappointed Again This Halloween?Pete has been disappointed year after year getting no trick or treaters and was really hoping this year it would change. Did he get them this year?
Pete Recaps his Trip to Texas with a Fat Guy Moment!Pete is fresh off his trip from Texas to catch a college football game with some friends and started off complaining about how the airline he used sent some of his golf clubs home on another flight while he was waiting at luggage for it.
Pete is Flying on Friday the 13th and He’s Scared!Pete headed to Texas this Friday the 13th to a football game with some buddies and he’s a little scared about it.
Are These Really “Manchievements” from Pete and Jackson?We haven’t heard of one in awhile but today, Pete AND Jackson brought to the table what they thought were some manchievements.
A Listener Has A Very Important Question for HeatherPete met a listener Peter who had a very important question for Heather.
Who is a Psychopath on Karlson & McKenzieThere was a study that came out with a spectrum of songs to help decide if you’re a psychopath or not.
Do Karlson & McKenzie Regret Sleeping Around Like Ric Flair?Ric Flair came out and said he slept with around 10,000 women over the years which he now regrets apparently.
Karlson & McKenzie Recap A Fun Night At the Mayo BowlAfter still harping on the fact that he was kicked out of the event when trying to talk to Devin McCourty at the Mayo Bowl last night, Kevin and Pete had a good time along with Heather.
Who is The Worst Red Sox Coach in 40 Years?Pete was at his local watering hole and talked to a guy that has been a season ticket holder for the Red Sox for over 40 years. The first year he bought them, they were $6.25 a game and now it’s $125!
What’s Going On in the McKenzie Household?Pete had to inform us today that his wife looks so battered that he has to tell people that they aren’t in the middle, nor ever was in a domestic dispute that caused any of the bruises on her.

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