Are You Ready for the 2017 Turkey Meat and Greet Creations?Our annual Turkey Meat and Greet at CBS Scene is coming up in a few weeks and we had Chef Sarkis on with us to give him the details of what each member on the show will want him to turn a turkey into.
Did Jackson Save A Turkey?Hear him tell the story and the rest of the show interpret it for you.
8 Times Turkeys Fought Back Against Humans [VIDEOS]Americans eat so any turkeys on Thanksgiving, it's a wonder why the birds have never battled back. Well, they have - but on a smaller scale!
Pete Reveals His Turkey at the K&M Meat and GreetPete made a very decadent turkey for the Meat & Greet on Wednesday. Hear the reveal of the FonDurkey.
Jackson Reveals His Turkey at the K&M Meat and GreetK&M Producer Jackson took a spin on surf & turf with his turkey for the Meat & Greet.
Senseless Survey: Offensive NFL Logos, Throwing Stones & Prescription Drug LabelsWe have another addition of everyone's favorite Senseless Survey.
Senseless Survey: Awareness Awareness Month, Good Mothers & Revisting The TitanicToday's survey comes after Kevin witnessed a comeback win by the Patriots, had some pie in a hot tub, and had some fun with the wife. Should be hilarious.
Senseless Survey: Ankle Monitor Bracelet, Batteries, 2014 on ChecksHow many questions will Kevin get to today?
Senseless Survey: Romney Boys, Life Without Women & Superman SheetsKevin asks ridiculous questions to strangers.
Senseless Survey: Flip Flips, Stockholm Syndrome, Body WashThis woman gets irate at Kevin during today's Senseless Survey!
This Is The Real Reason Why People Watch Football [VIDEO]Ed Hochuli the sexiest Ref out there.
Senseless Survey: Going Back To Sleep, Nipple Piercings & Steve Harvey's Mustache Kevin asks strangers absurd questions.

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